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So How Did The Business of Chef Rick Begin ?

Chef Rick Tarantino is an entrepreneur at heart, It all began in 1976 when he was in just entering high school long before "Chef Rick ".  Rick and Glen began Ultimate Vision Light and Sound .  The company began producing light and sound shows for Local Rock Bands , and grew in 4 years to working with bands like Boston, JGiles Band and more.  They sold the business in 1980 and off to college.  In 1984 after graduating from University of Massachusetts , Amherst College of Food Science  Nutrition , HRTA, he went to work for Sheraton Hotels in Los Angles , CA during the 1984 Olympics.  There he pioneered in-room videos for the guest to watch and began Inn Video, the first in-room movies using VHS tapes.  

Next up was Emerald Hotels , 1990 where Rick and his father built a hotel and restaurant company in Massachusetts.  After his father retired, Rick went to work completing his masters degree at Johnson & Wales University and worked there from 1992 to 2002 as a professor, and executive. ( Chef Rick was created in 1996 when he trained the Guinness Book of World Records Youngest Chef , Chef Justin Miller). In 2000 eager to return to being an Entrepreneur he began Hospitality Wares International , a kitchen and service-ware company with clients like All-Clad, Rival Crock-Pot Toll Silver and International Silver.  The company grew to develop and launch many kitchen products over the years including products for Shopping Television where Chef Rick Pitched food and kitchen products

In 2008 Tarantino Food Group was formed.  To  better serve the growing business ogf developing kitchen products and foods for direct to consumer, retail and food-service companies as well as handle PR and Media relations , infomercials , food styling and more. TFG  clients include industry giants like Westinghouse, QVC, HSN, EVINE, The Shopping Channel Canada, HP Hood, Old Neighborhood Foods, Thin n Trim, FlavorSeal, Bialetti, Thane Direct, and many more.  Click on the "Tarantino Food Group tab for more information.

The latest chapter began in 2012 when Chef Rick met his current partner Jim Nelson who was working on Daisy Cakes from the hit TV show Shark Tank. Barbara Cocoran introduced the two and the soon realized they complimented each other in business.  When City Beef & Provisions a 60 year old USDA meat and Foodservice distributor went up for sale Jim and Chef Rick bought it and merged their companies under one roof in Trenton , New Jersey.